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In this experiment I want to brew my own beer.


  • The independent variables are the temperature and the number of days to ferment
  • The dependent variable is how many days the beer needs to ferment to receive a better taste
  • To make this a fair test I will compare my experiment with another person who tried out the same experiment

I used 29g yeast powder, 600g beer powder, 200g white sugar, 3 liters cooking water, 7 liters cold water, 200ml hop extract, ferment tube, brewing bucket, pot, thermometer, mixing spoon, kitchen balance and clean bottles.


  1. Clean all materials
  2. Make yeast by mixing the yeast powder into 1 glass of water (stir 15 min)
  3. Weigh 600g of beer powder and 200g of white sugar
  4. Mix the beer powder and the white sugar into 3 liters of cooking water
  5. Stir, stir, stir
  6. Fill the mixture into the brewing bucket
  7. Add 7 liters of cold water
  8. Stir, stir, stir
  9. Add 6ml of hop extract
  10. Stir, stir, stir
  11. Stir the yeast a last time and add it into the brewing bucket
  12. Stir, stir, stir
  13. close the brewing bucket
  14. Add the ferment tube, which is filled with water
  15. Leave the beer in a warm room (15°)
  16. The ferment process begins
  17. Wait 4 to 8 days
  18. Clean out all the bottles you need
  19. Fill beer into a pot
  20. Clean out brewing bucket
  21. Fill beer back into the brewing bucket
  22. Fill beer into bottles
  23. Let the bottles stay in a warm room (15°)
  24. Wait for 1 week
  25. Place the bottles in a cold room (6°)
  26. Wait 3 to 8 weeks
  27. Try out the beer

Conclusion and Evaluation
To my relief the project worked successfully. Several people tried my beer and said it tasted great! The only improvement I should make is to start earlier so that the beer would taste more alcoholic. This is because it had only given it ca. 4 weeks to ferment, which made it taste like non-alcoholic beer and a bit sweeter. It depends on the type of beer the different people like.
Even though I successfully brewed my beer, the next time I would improve some things:
1. I would start earlier
2. Before I add the hop extract I would ask people if they rather prefer a sweeter or a bitter beer and choose from the majority.


My project connects to one world because beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. In some parts it’s even in their culture. There are many different types and many people enjoy their beer. They drink it to relax or enjoy an evening with friends. However, there are also problems with beer. For example gain of weight (you do not gain weight from the beer, but from the foods you eat with it. Many people turn hungry from beer), which leads to more obese people. All alcoholic drinks can lead to accidents, which make the world more dangerous for us to live in it. The making of beer is not harmful to the environment. Germany even has the German purity law, which means that only natural resources can be used to make beer. Other countries do not have this and use chemicals for making beer. Therefore Germany is accepted world wide to have the best beer!


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Ein Herz für Mrs. Suzanne Sterzer-Paull

Ein Herz für Mrs. Suzanne Sterzer-Paull