Best Female Athlete of the International School of Stuttgart - Suzanne
Suzanne has played soccer ever since she can walk.
When she started walking she got a soccerball as a gift from her brother, who is 4 years older and taught her how to play. When she was 5 years old, she joined a male soccer team as the only female as there was no female team available at that time and when she was 12 she played for both a female and for a male soccer team in her home country Brazil.

With her strong left foot Suzanne scores goals and does tricks that even most guys can only wish to be able to do. Her current record lies at 18 goals in 3 games on one of the tournaments of the Girls Varsity Soccer Team of ISS.

Other than soccer Suzanne says she plays all kinds of sports like handball or basketball; however she only plays these sports for fun as she wants to concentrate on soccer and become a professional soccer player in the future.

To keep herself fit, Suzanne attends soccer practice every day and sometimes goes to fitness studios to do some "running and spinning" before her practices. However, she says that the thought of soccer would keep her fit enough
n649264957_1500579_2255866.jpgLeft: Suzanne and her friend Maddie in full gear ready to give the opponent team a hard time

Right: Suzanne receiving the winners trophy as the captain of the ISS Girls Team

n783520256_5874486_3649337.jpgLeft: Suzanne and some of her friends doing the wave and jumping of joy after a won game.

Right: Suzanne and her team posing for the picture after a successful tournament.


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