Best Athlete of the International School of Stuttgart
SOCCER: At the Age of 6 or 7 Orlin started playing soccer with his dad in South Africa. At the age of 7 he could, as he told us, break field hockey goals with his kick. Now he plays in the school's varsity team and has become one of the most important players on the team. He is very creative and a great person to play with.

TENNIS: As he told us explicitly, without joking, he has been playing tennis since first grade. In summer he plays Tennis every day for 3 hours with a PRO coach in Bulgaria since he was in 6th grade.

BASKETBALL: Orlin just joined the basketball team this year and as eye witnesses tell, he might not be the best basketball player on this world but he works for his success.

TRACK AND FIELD: All we know about his Track and Field abilities is that his personal record lies at 9.53 min for 3000 meters. LONG JUMP: In 8th grade Orlin used to jump somewhat about 5.22 meters. However, he says that now he is less flexible, because he has gained weight, and could probably not do it anymore.

SWIMMING: In 8th grade, he made it to the provincial finals in Canada with 4 x 100m freestyle relay twice. He claims that his best time was 27.13s for 50 meters and 57.57s for 100 meters.

OTHER SPORTS, he claims to be able to play ;) : Ping Pong, Badminton, all Track and Fields events, American Football, Billiards.

Orlin gets ready to let the ball fly for a Hail Mary pass

orlin_beach2.jpgLeft: Orlin - just before beating everybody at volleyball.

Right: Orlin posing - just before beating everybody at swimming.

orlin_soccer4.jpgLeft: Orlin launching a powershot at the opposite goal using all of his body; even his arms!

Right: Orlin stretching after a long and sporty day.

Interview with Orlin
Interviewer: So Orlin, Why are you so awesome?
Orlin: Because I'm Bulgarian.
Interviewer: So you have been chosen to be the best male athlete of the school. How do you feel about this?
Orlin: I feel honored and I have to say...i knew my hard work would some day pay out.
Interviewer: Why do you think you are better than others at sport?
Orlin: Because i have been playing many sports close to my entire life and i have trained to be good at all of them.
Interviewer: How do you keep yourself fit?
Orlin: Weekly I practise most, if not all of the sports i like to keep myself in shape as well as in the game.
Interviewer: What is the thing you think you are best at?
Orlin: I believe soccer, because i have been playing it the longest and I prefer it over the others because it is more active. However, i enjoy every sports i do and i also enjoy music a lot.
Interviewer: What is the sport you like best?
Orlin: That is definitely soccer. It was the first sports i played and definitely my favourite.

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