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Dear ISS Students:

Your have reached the MYP Community Service page. I’m Mrs. Jones-Bürk, your Community Service contact.

The MYP Area of Interaction Community Service is important to us as we reflect on how we contribute to the various communities to which we belong, as well as how these communities affect us and what we do.

Our goal is to contribute to your growth as a culturally sensitive and engaged global citizen!

We investigate this area in our classroom work and through our homeroom / advisory program. This year, in particular, we’ve been trying to get a common understanding of what “community” is and the needs of the various members of these communities.

Many of you have had great ideas of how to become active in your communities, either through direct commitments or by raising public awareness of serious issues which our communities face. Bravo!

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If You're In Grades 6 - 8 Download This Document!

If You're In Grades 9-10 Download This Document!

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