Two Exciting Matches - One Tie, One Victory

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How Some Spectators Saw The Match
Since the 11th Grade beat the 9th Graders 11 to 0, I guess they were the favorites to win since the 10th Graders had won 2 to 1 only. So when the game finally started Max U. was running forwards as if he was in pain ( He wasn't, I am afraid, since he had done the same in the previous games. ) Well, anyway some time during the game someone shot the first goal for 11th Grade, a kind of weird indirect direct free shot or however you are calling that. 10th Grade didn't like that very much, so they tried tie the game again. But as the time passed there was the 2:0 before the 3:0 and the 3:0 before the 4:0, which was a really nice goal, I guess. The goalkeeper of 11th Grade, fancy yellow shirt, but anyway, did a good job somehow. And of course 10th Graders really gave their best too. They played fair and really did a nice job. Unfortunately not good enough to win, but they won all of our hearts, I hope.
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Today a soccer game was happening a lunch time. 10th graders against 11th graders. The 11th graders have very skilled players and made a spectacular victory. The final score was 4 to 0. The 10th graders played hard, ran fast, got the ball on a number of occasions and always nearly scored. This game was just not lucky for the 10th graders, maybe it was the weather. Everyone was excited and were really in the game. Everyone watching had good spirit and the next tournament will be even better.