Have yo ever wondered if you are able to make a change?
To actually do something that matters, together with other students from all around the Globe?
With GIN you get the chance to meet people with an international background,
at famous locations such as the UN headquarters in Geneva
and develop action plans to make a difference in today's world.
It is a unique experience, both enlightening and exciting

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You have the chance to make a change.

You are the future that our world needs.

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Everybody is welcome to join us
and participate in the projects and conferences.
Just contact Mr. Snyder:


Getting GIN to ISS
In 2008 Mr. Snyder and the previous 9A grade firstly got involved in the Global Issues Network. The conference of that year
was placed in Dusseldorf and had the theme of "Sustainability". Eleven pupils visited the conference and met other students, discussing different topics, from all around the world. However, this was only the beginning.

GIN 2009 - The process
After a short break, Mr. Snyder decided to permanently integrate GIN into ISS. Five students from 10th grade made the decision to take part in this program:
  • Alexander Buckley - 10B
  • Ankur Srivastava - 10B
  • Constantin Pietschmann - 10B
  • Joseph Tarker - 10B
  • Oriana Farnham 10A

The conference would take part in February 2009, Geneva and had the theme of human rights. The presentation that we prepared, about the Issue of Homelessness, was inspired by an English project on the book "Down and Out in Paris and London (which was based on the same issue).
The students did in field research in Stuttgart, taking a homeless tour, to learn more about the facilities that are available to the under privileged in Germany.