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  • Parents know about this code of behaviour. Everyone who goes to school at ISS must act respectfully to the environment in school and outside of school in order to follow school rules.
  • In school, we shouldn't harm each other's work and we should work tirelessly.
  • The 4 C's that we should all follow are courtesy. cooperation, consideration and common sense. Basically, this means we should respect each other, work well together, be kind and not ask stupid questions. We should try to be independent and polite. No one shouldhurt another person, whether with a painful connection of body parts or a hurtful assortment of words.
  • We all have to be on time every day (so, at 8:10) but if we're late many of our homeroom teachers will still let us in. Others won't, and we'll have to go to the office and sign in on the blue Late Sheet.
  • The wrong clothes can distract us from learning properly, so we aren't allowed to wear T-Shirts that say good things about alcohol, drugs or any form of discrimination. Our parents need to help us put on appropriate clothing, so that we aren't too hot or too cold, if we can't do that ourselves yet. We aren't allowed to wear spaghetti strap shirts, flip-flops and too short skirts or shorts out of respect for other cultures. Underwear should never show.
  • We need to wear the PE uniform the school gives us, although we do need to bring our own shoes and socks. It'd be good if we had good indoor and outdoor shoes, but we don't have to have both. If we're sick or injured and can't do sports, our parents have to give us a note for the PE teacher..
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Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the school regulations regarding discipline both in, and traveling to and from, school.
We expect students to be responsible for their own behavior and not to interfere with the learning opportunities of others. We encourage students to exercise self-discipline and to respect the rights of others.

Parents, we ask that you give your active and positive support to this code of Behavior. In order for us to maintain a safe and orderly environment for all students, it is critical for all students, it is critical that you give your support to school and classroom rules and consequences.

The 4 Cs of ISS

  • Courtesy
  • Cooperation
  • Consideration
  • Common Sense

Code of student behavior

It is our belief that the students and staff of the ISS have the right to a safe and friendly environment that fosters respect for each other and is free of verbal and physical aggression. I.S.S students are not permitted to use electronic items in school, chew gum and wear hats or hoods indoors


Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management. Regular attendance in class is a requirement for promotion and graduation. Please be in your classroom at the above times . If you arrive late to school(after 8:10) you must report to the main office.

Dress code

With the belief that proper dress is integral and conducive to the learning environment, we require that students wear appropriate,non-distracting clothing. Slogans and logos on T-shirts may not include vulgarity or references to drugs or alcohol or be discriminatory.

Parents are requested to ensure that their children are dressed appropriately for the weather, assuming that recess will be held out of doors whenever possible. This includes proper shoes and boots during damp weather.

In order to show sensitivity to the different cultural backgrounds at ISS, the following will not be permitted: tops with spaghetti straps, short shorts or skirts that are too short. Midriffs and underwear should not be showing.

PE Lessons and Clothing

Students are expected to come prepared to their PE classes with the PE uniform provided by ISS. Additionally students will be required to wear appropriate PE shoes with socks these shoes will predominately be worn for indoor PE(to protect the gymnasisum floor) and should not have exceptionally high-profile sole. All year round, use is made of the outdoor facilities ,and, therefore PE shoes and weather appropriate clothing for outside use will also be required.
All PE clothes and shoes should be appropriately labeled with the provided label kit and be brought to school in a suitable bag.
If a child is unable to participate in PE at any time for health reasons , parents must end a letter informing the PE teacher.

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