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Grade 8

Grade 6

Grade 7A

Grade 7B

Filippo M.

Philip S.

Uros M.

Tim K.

Thomas O.

Sjors R.

Lucas R.

Cornell O.

Sebastian W.

Diego M.

Johannes L.

Nicholas F.

Alec M.


Tyler C.

Todd W.

Brooke S.

Paul L.

Alex K.

Lucas C.

Daniel C.

Alex M.

Alex B.

Johannes K.

Wasib M.

Louis S.

Daniel B.


Ryan O.

Coach Nick D.

7a vs. 6 score: 1:0 Good game but seven grade did not deserve to win because six grade played better.
Uros scored the 1:0

8 vs. 7b score: 0:3 It was an unfair game, 7b cheated by taking players from another team.
Tim scored the 1:0
Vincent scored the 2:0
Lucas scored the 3:0

8 vs. 6: score: 1:0 Close game, very slippery field.
Sebastian scored the 1:0

7a vs. 7b: score: 1:0 7a had the control of the game for the whole time.
Lucas scored the 1:0

6 vs. 7b: score:

8 vs. 7a: score: 1:0 fair game, both team played good but Sebastian scored with a very strong shot.
Sebastian scored the 1:0<div class="coolchaser" id="40206772">


8 vs. 7a: score: 1:1 I played game and I have to say it was the best game of the tournament.

The game was a tie so on Thursday there will be penalties.