This page is meant to allow people to navigate easily through the many pages of my project.

If you have not read my story yet, you should start at the link below!
Introduction page - This page tells a little about myself and my partner. It introduces my story.

Here are the actual pages to the story:
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Page 2
Page 3
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Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11

page 12

In my story (the one on top), the first page is an introduction to the story. it's stating the situation the hunter is in, and the bush.

In the second page, the hunter sees the animal for the first time (kind of).

In the third page, the hunter is chased by the monster, and sees the monster clearly for the first time.

In the fourth page, the hunter describes the monster, and is trapped in the rocks.

In the fifth page, he hatches a plan to escape.

In the sixth page, he does his plan.

In the seventh page, he does his plan again, if you didn't get enough of it the first time...don't worry, i'll fix it soon.

In the eighth page, the hunter wanders farther into the forest.

In the ninth page, the hunter finds something.

In the tenth page, the hunter explores his new discovery.

In the eleventh page, the hunter finds a weapon that he can use.

On the twelfth page, the hunter repairs his shelter.