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A Poppy Flower - made from a carrot

Hi, I'm Elizabeth, and I did my Personal Project on Vegetable Carving. Vegetable Carving is the art of carving vegetables (now that wasn't obvious). My goal for my personal project was to become an expert on Vegetable Carving. Although I'm not sure if I'm completely an expert (yet), I had a ton of fun with this project.

My project consisted of three parts:

  • Learning and Teaching Vegetable Carving
    • I learned Vegetable Carving through my mom, a few books, and a few internet sources.
    • It took me about two weeks to learn all the carvings that I wanted to.
    • To learn more, I interviewed a few people about Vegetable Carving: my mom, my great-aunt (who wrote a book about it), and another lady who carves passionately.
    • I then taught a group of around 5 kids younger than me.
    • Later, I taught a group of my own peers.
    • I then taught a group of adults in the school. For this class I also created an instruction booklet.

  • Writing an article about Vegetable Carving
    • I learned about the history of Vegetable Carving through the Internet.
    • I then created an article about how Vegetable Carving originated and where it can be found now.
    • I then published it on Wikipedia using the unique formatting system there. It can be found at: (Vegetable Carving)

  • Creating a personal portfolio with all of my experience as a vegetable carver.
    • I took all the pictures from my classes, as well as the Wikipedia article, and then placed them into a folder which allows everyone to see just how far I have come with this art.

A Carrot Spider Chrysanthemum and and Onion Chrysanthemum

A tomato rose

Chrysanthemums made from onions

An Onion Chrysanthemum, a Tomato Rose, and Japanese Witch Hazels (made from chilies)

A smiley face out of carrots

Me carving a Bell Pepper Tulip

Me with Carrot Poppies, a Carrot Spider Chrysanthemum, an Onion Chrysanthemum, and Tomato tulips